June 02 2013

Applications are migrating back.
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    Aug 20 2013.

    I have to come to summer-holidays from today until Aug 27 ... but my servers are attacked from hosting company: : they has been stoped 2 vps, has stolen money, data of all sites and connection sites into the net ... s

    Yesterday, i have returned back active application to sharing hosting: i did not wished to make this back, but ... summer is summer and since today i have to come out the net, therefore you can have access to your account at older place until new migration will be started on another vps: since Aug 14 i have been cancelled to use not-vps server for my applcications, but my enemies are not wishing to loss access to my applications, yours emails and they has went to my servers with them wishing to use my application further.

    Since Aug 29 will be become new trying to migrate sites to my vps: out sharing hosting, therefore connection to accounts will be stoped for several days.

    Project 'Mercury', 'MEDIAcommunity' will be returned back at next month, i hope.

    Jul 3-21 2013

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    STATUS of WEBsystem

    Nov 08 2013

    All web-sites will update to Dec 20 2013.

    All applications will be returned back soon.

    'MEDIAcommunity' will be connected again if bug has ended with emails: member has to restore password and cannot make this without using email of account. Do not worry: will use all (every) server and service for connect message to every email of accounts.

    All accounts with lier emails will be transfered to library of project.

    May 28 2013.

    Natalia Artemova
    June 23 2013

    I think is using my licensed (paid) applications, used my db which are cost for them sales, money and that law is clown for so community as , because they are blocking my access to download backup of account for restoring to new server ... I am very much thinking but lost words ... therefore, today, at JUNE 23 2013, my words for worker and owners of where my account has been canceled without accepted cancelation request at Wed 19, refund money has not been sent (until Jul 8) and now is right moment (the time) for my words to and also to un-right EU Court for Human Rights by name which my status of missing on Moscow (RF) from Nov 1994 are not losted my human rights and this lie Court has been given decision : criminals are having a right to live at my appartment on Moscow, using my owner right to my real-state, my money, and for all criminals and for all countries where i did asked political asylum until Mar 2012: all they are going to end by these great WORDS:

    God will not hear Tears of your children because does not know what are yours names.

    And you can give name for your attack to my project 'Mercury', attacked to my life at Fri 21 ... Nothing problems for 'Mercury': 20 or 23 - you can know that the Sun and the Moon have told these words, too, to everyone of yours community - it so sun with help which you did tryed to attack against my life ... it from so sun: at Fri 21 and from the Moon which is Full now - you will hear Tears of your children ... And this is true, but i would like to look Tears of yours children, too, and everyone from yours criminals community, your law-clown and your lier companies - can know: missing does know what is sugar from Tears of enemies children ...

    Yes, and HAPPY Birthday to 'MEDIAcommunity' !!!
    Today we have not gifts but, i think you did understood: they has cancelled my account for host project 'MERCURY', 'MEDIAcommunity', 'iMEDIAcompass' ... at moment cancellation: members accounts will restored and all have connected: i am re-named settings for members posts ... but they are very wishing to using these posts, helping to lie-owners, gift access into my sites to criminals elements of them community...

    I think to return back 'MEDIAcommunity' to July 8 2013, if all will stay as is.

    I think I have make one announcment: project 'MERCURY' will not start for joining account at current server: here is very small limit for sending emails and i cannot to start community with members ... and send an invite to join 'MERCURY' to x100 ... At this summer will not holidays and gifts at project 'MERCURY' under actions of project, holidays of project. But, now is summer - the time for sea, ocean, yachts or trains ... and time of the sun: have a happy sun ... several hours ago criminals has been tryed to ... i am named this attack to my life, because another is 'without chance for escape', but all right now: God has blessed.

    Jun 21 Sites will upload at next week or after beginning process against criminals of USA, India, EU (Germany, UK), Russia with another friends - is having to make steps to end for all of them: need help them and this is great.

    Jun 20 2013
    I can upload site now but i will wait full backup of all my sites, dbases (more 5 Gb) and refund money processing after cancellation account here:

    I think you do understand, this situation might take several days: host-account is need cancel, money are need refund and files of sites are need take ... if this is not allowed, them attacks will be rated by the law: today time are coming for them maktub, because: so has already wrote - attack to sites with paid applications are different with attack to sites with free applications ... At Yesterday only paid applications have installed to sites and blocking owner access to application are starting process against them and anothers who are with them, but today i am waiting full backup of all my sites, dbases (more 5 Gb) and refund money processing after cancellation account here:

    And This case is attack from system of social nets which are starting way to them end.

    Web-Sites are changing some hosting companies since Sep 2011 for accounts have been paid according them prices and plans:

  • on Sep 2011 hosting has been paid until Sep 27 2013: account has been canceled by them administration because my sites are refused them server;

  • on May 28 2012 hosting has been paid until May 30 2013 - money has not been refunded: request for cancellation account and refund money has been sent until Sep 24 from me: owner of these sites;

  • on Oct 8 2012 hosting has been paid until Oct 7 2014: account has been canceled Jan 29 2013 by administration of hosting and they are refusing request for refund money to account from which money has been paid because i am 'ukrainian' and 'ukrainian' are not getting refund money from american (USA) company: these are them reason for refusing refund paid money but they are not refused request to refund money always;

  • Feb 2 2013 hosting has been paid until Aug 1 and are canceled Mar 2 and May 1 under technical reasons of them server and unlimited plan - they are refused my request for refund 15 dollars;

  • Feb 23 hosting has been paid until Feb 22 2015 and account canceled under my reasons May 24 and i am waiting refund money.

    Since may 8 2013 i have been paid for one month only of them (american and any) hosting because i will not get my money ('ukrainian') to them (american) budget. Understand? I think everyone can take these errors for ... I have took these errors for changing membership-access for any from USA: look below.

    Today sites are having host for server where i cannot access to support-department and i will change this hosting too, probably. Next hosting ... probably there will connect some problems too and i can try only, if i will try.

    Membership to project 'MERCURY': when free test period has been ended - for people from USA will: all losted money under using service of companies on USA + cost membership. If would start are becoming according today's losses this membership will: 118,8 dollars ( + 18 dollars ( + 37.42 dollars ( + 12% a Year + cost membership ... Everyone member from USA will pay this cost for membership on project 'MERCURY' therefore
    I do not recommend to join account on project 'MERCURY' without getting this info under test-period, too because all free accounts will be deactivated on project 'MERCURY' when test period has been ended.

    I think this cost is nothing for them who are from USA because today i have got recommendation for set cost for membership: 500 and hight dollars - after test period has been ended.

    UPCOMING Events.

    Better, until you do not know why are another coming to project 'MERCURY', you can join any of social applications here. For Social (free for everyone) using and membership (level: MNews Kaleidoscope) will connect 2 applications and everyone can use account here without access (membership) to project 'MERCURY' always.

    Social here are not same with social there: MEDIAcommunity members are knowing this rule and coming to accounts back, i think. I am knowing them social application: i escape out every of them and therefore,

    Why am i talking these words? Welcome to Social sector of this WEBsystem.

    One (NEW: not-MEDIAcommunity) of social application will connect Jun 1-12.

    New-MEDIAcommunity will connect on June: until Jun 18 for everyone members of MEDIAcommunity and everyone who are joining.

    So, continue news for system STATUS,

    New period for project are starting Jun 01 : at this date will change course , will change rules and will send new issue MNews with let out new bonuses, editions and etc. At this date at this Year project cannot to be connect in full edition: with right form for join, for edit inside account and etc, etc, etc.

    But this date is coming ... and you can join account with un-full form and on site with un-right design ... Right? This will project 'Mercury', there you can use all mini-applications: blogs, send invites, questions and answers, chat - all ... on site with un-right author's design? without problems ... this will project 'MERCURY'

    Full form will add on Sep or Dec 2013 and everyone can edit accounts later when this form will be connected but if this project will not connect on June 01-30 2013 for some of all contacts - all contacts will wait Jan 2014 or Jun 2014 ... Is it right? Not!

    Why have i been told: for some of contacs? Here is limit for sending messages per hours and this limit is very small ... need send message for members of MEDIAcommunity: they are first ... and them are 34444 members. List of contacts who are from social or business nets where author's accounts are cancelled ... them are ... more 34444 and plus etc.

    Since Jun 01 i will connect accounts for administration and all mini-projects: herHERO and 'MoonTribune', 'Chocolate' and etc - until Jun 3. I will try to connect right design but IF this will not work, project will connect to Jun 21-30 in any design and any format but any who have been got Welcome-message with link for join project 'MERCURY' - until Jun 30: if you has been got MNews issue at this period, you will know when and where will open access to join project 'MERCURY' and when account will be approved for access.

    Any function can to be edited after summer-holidays: July and August has been ended and new points will present. But this might take several months. If you has been got an invite to project on July or August you will come to project, if are having wishes, with this special connection (link) until full-project (design and forms, and access-rules) has not been connected.

    Why have i told: design and forms ... because i am not liking original script (application) design - i am not liking white-black colors for design, because this script (has been paid) is becoming membership since 100000 but i hate lie and i hate to lie this 100000 ... and i do not respect account-form without such points which are need add to membership on project 'MERCURY' because this is MY project: i am creating idea, i am inviting contacts for give invite to this project, i will create media for this project and i want to add another form for accounts on project and another form WILL add - it i has told.

    Therefore I will change this application but for this i have to learn php-rules and coding, i have to learn programming that might take several months because this is new hight-science, i think. But my application will start membership since 1 (my, administration account), set full form for special account: business or personal, will which are liking to see by me but later and in few months everyone who has been got Welcome-message can join project 'MERCURY' as is at these important months: June-August 2013.

    Do not remember: new MNews issues will let on June, Sep, Oct with an invite to join project 'MERCURY'.

    At this Year and Every Year further: all will become since Oct 01 on project 'MERCURY' - new issues of media, bonuses, rules and etc.

    May 15 - June 23 2013

    Welcome-message will send some days according quota.

    Since July 01 are become summer-holidays for administration of sites (projects): MNews with welcome-message will send on some days of June, July and August at this Year.

    Application: 'MEDIAcommunity' is migrating and return back to JUNE 20. Info to 'MEDIAcommunity' members will send in several weeks for access into account with an invite to join project 'MERCURY'.
    Everyone member has to accept their account until Dec 10 2013 and More read here:

    New social networks (application) will connect to June 23: in 'MEDIAcommunity' birthday - 100 percent).

    Social Section will not access to project 'MERCURY': free WELCOME-membership will open for test period only.

    Sites will update to June 30.
    Project 'MERCURY' will connect for access Jun 19-21 2013. Do not miss when MNews: Welcome-message, '2013: Stage-coach Express' plus an invite for join project 'MERCURY') are let out.

    So, more about.
    All 'UPCOMING events' has been presented on are changed under reasons: 8st migrations for latest year, sometimes site was turn off, cancelation all accounts on social and business nets, cancelation free application and them migration to paid application, modernization of all steps as are: return back paid application for test in original edition and etc, etc, etc ...

    Project 'MERCURY' will start in express format for 'Welcome-membership' for free testing: this test are for getting info about all errors, all un-connections and another bugs which will be checked by members.

    Also in few weeks new social network 'MEDIAcommunity' will be connected via using paid application and everyone cannot talk that sharing ownership to this application ( !!! - it is important ) and I would like to start this network in 'MEDIAcommunity'-birthday June 23 ... Membership in new 'MEDIAcommunity' will not transfer to project 'MERCURY' because paid application will work and therefore, too, that any will share nothing for ownership.

    More in 'MNews 1.2013' - everyone: contact (who are shared their contact-card), member of 'MEDIAcommunity' will get issue since ... until June 23 2013.



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